Download And Run Chrome OS On Your PC Using USB Drive

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We are very familiar with Chrome Books. The OS (operating system) used by them is "Chrome OS" by which they can maintain a good relationship and support from Google. The only OS for chrome book is chrome OS. It is a cloud-based OS from Google, which is available on internet connection running most of the apps. You have already heard about Chrome Books , what OS they used , now Chromium OS is one of the services of Google, Chromium can be used for working with the web app, so here some of the pros geeks How To Download and Run Chrome OS on your PC using USB Drive. 

What and why to work with chromium????

Chromium is an operating system for our PCs. Google doesn't provide chrome OS as an open source. In order to work with it, we can make use of chromium, which is an open source provided by Google. Chrome books affordable computers are manufactured by companies like HD, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung etc.

Now a day we have very technical devices that we can download or install or work with it. Devices like CDs, pen drives, USB drive, DVD, etc. Can be used for this process. The drives are the devices which are used for storing the information, it increases the run portably. Which oven is used for booting up your PCs? Let's see, how can we download and install chrome OS in your PCs.

How To Download & Install Chrome OS Using USB Drive...???

There is nothing much to make friends, You just need to follow the given instructions correctly and carefully.
Before going for the downloading, we just need to collect the required RAW facts. As per the present market stage, Typically we have the availability of two operating systems, i.e. Vanilla & lime versions. " Vanilla version is updated up-to-date as per client requirements". Whereas the lime version is much updated i suggest vanilla.

Download Vanilla [javascript:show('win_inst');hide('mac_inst');hide('lin_inst');]

Download Lime [javascript:show('win_inst');hide(mac_inst');hide('lin_inst');]

After the completion of the download, we must Unzip the file such that there appears an IMG file.
Open the IMG file and run that in your pen drive. For this processing, we require windows image writer. Click 'Here'  to Download.

Open it & browse through your files & select IMG files. Click on "write" to start the process.
Every system has their respective process to get into the boot menu. For booting, you need to restart your PC and follow the instructions appeared on your desired desktop, press F11, F4, or ESC as per the instructions.

In order to boot from your pen drive, you need to select the USB  drive as your primary booting device. Change the boot priority from the boot menu.

Now you are ready to process. Set it up & sync it with your Google chrome.

Now you even can install as per your wish from the Web.

Conclusion :

I hope you like this article , If you know more about it,  then Do share in a comment, so we can show our best to Download and Install Chrome OS on your PC, Using USB drive , I think this Tutorial will help you Run the Chrome OS On PC.  

Top New Free Earning Applications Of Android Smart Phone

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Hello, Friends! I am Back with a New free applications of the android smart phone which give real money and it believes in rewarding. The following  application is Free in Google play store of the android smart phone. These applications will give Paypal cash , Facebook credits , Game cards , Amazon gift cards , Gadgets , Fashion Accessories , BBitcoins, Game console accessories  and much more, the genuine application of android mobiles to get easy recharges online are listed below in this article. All the above product or apps will be very useful in getting free recharges and free offers,  so i thought to present to you earning application.

The best part of this application is we can invite our friends and earn more. below i listed and explained clearly steps to get easy earning money from popular apps of google play store. i hope you will like definitely like our listed apps and earn more and more.

The Apps Of Earning Vouchers, prizes, Money From Android Smart Phone .

Show Box :

What is Show box ?

Show Box application presents you to new products, popular apps and hottest promotion deals, It provides you to create visual experience anytime anywhere. The best part of Show box application is, it is free on any smartphone and it receive the hottest deals nearby , headlines news , movie previews and sometimes even a gift voucher as a surprise, After providing all these services to us it also even get paid to us. In Showbox, we have to collect points after that we can redeem it simple. here below are the steps to earn from Showbox.

Follow Steps To Earn From Show Box:

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Step 6 : The app will create a screen lock if you move to right or left it will also be credited to our account .

Tapporo - Be Rewarded Anytime Anywhere :

The Aim of Tapporo is to build around simple idea when you watch the advertisement and engage with brands . The itself says be rewarded anytime anywhere.

With this tapporo coins, we can purchase prizes in store . prizes like Amazon gift card , Facebook credits , Games cards and much more. Make a habit  to collect coins and buy your products online with gift vouchers. Below is the step to redeem vouchers follow them to collect coins.

How To Earn Tapporo Coins Fallow Below Steps :

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Step 3 : After entering invite code check your ORO coins it will get credited .

Step 4 : Set your goal which you want to claim .

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Step 6 : Watch more videos to get more coins .

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Conclusion :

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Earn Rs 50 Talktime Instant With Your Android Smart Phone

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Hi, Friends! What's up? Earning money with your smartphone has become easy nowadays because many plenties of Applications For Android has come to the top, You can Earn Rs 50 Talktime Instant With Your Android Smart Phone. This app provides you to gain talk time instantly with some simple task. The name itself says that Earning talk time immediately for downloading apps. This Earn Talk Time App provide for free but there are many simple tasks has to complete to get Money, example offers zone has plenty of offers to earn, Complete daily poll, watch videos, qualify for a survey and many more option from which you can earn free talk time.

This application will give real mobile recharges for prepaid customers, and it has single membership account when you download earn talk time app on your mobile and provide your mobile number it automatically registers your mobile no with OTP. Earn Talk time is completely free for Android mobile users it puts you for each offer you operate through it, it is necessary to that you are connected to the internet through Data connection or WiFi as it picks all best offers filtered for you from the server.

What is OTP? It is the one-time password that is sent back to your mobile phone from earn talk time server to verify your mobile number that you provided at the date of registration.

Earn Talk Time.

Earn talk time also offers to personalize offers on primary of you profile, location, and preference. All you need to have an smart phone to install Earn Talk time it's not only gives you a joyful, app :easy, user-friendly way of recharging mobiles but also offers discounts on shopping products and much more in one application.
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Conclusion : 

I hope you like this article, do share in our comments. Get instant mobile recharge for free with the Android apps; This Earn Talk time app will give more and more money through mobile recharge with simple tricks. I hope you will try this app in your android phone to get an easy, and straightforward way of mobile recharges for free. This app never put pending request to redeem talk time.

try it and know the importance of Earn talk time app.

Computer Problems And Solutions & How To Speed Up Pc

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Hello, Friends! Today I will explain you, why a computer frequently hangs and increase the speed of your system and How to hide your drives on my computer. First-of-all we have to know what is a computer? It is a device that programmed to carry out a set of Arithmetic or Logical operations automatically, and it can solve more than one kind of problem. Computer hangs or freeze occur because when either a single program or the whole system ceases to respond to inputs. We had seen a typical scenario that the mouse cursor may also be struck in a form indicating that it is waiting for some operation to complete. A hang differs from a crash in which a program exists abnormally, or the operating system shuts down.

Best Solutions For Problems And Increase The Speed Of System.

Here below you may know why? The system hangs frequently and how to lock and unlock the partition of my computer. Follow below method where you get a step-wise explanation to overcome with your problems.

Solve The Problem When Computer Hangs Frequently:

  • First, you have to check your processor fan is working properly or not. 
Go to START>>RUN, Then Type %temp% (delete all temp files). That increase your system speed.

Go to My computer select all the hard disk drives I.e (Local Disk C:, D:, E:, ) .e). Right, click and select properties and clean up all drives.

Go to MY COMPUTER select C drive. Select Windows folder and open system32 folder. Delete folder name is "prefetch". If you don't find system 32 folder Go to START search for the folder then delete " prefetch " folder.

Go to START>>RUN. Type MSConfig and click ok. It open system configuration select service and startup then deselect the program you don't want to run automatically when the system is started.

(Note: All changes will be done in Administrative account) .

Some critical problem occurs from temp internet file. Therefore, you have to clean history.

Follow the above steps to increase the speed of your system; the steps need a manual process to be done. I hope this trick will help you to enhance the speed of the system.

How To Hide Your Drives In you Computer [ C, D, E, F ]:

Hiding the computer drives and unlocking both are explained below with simple tricks. This is an excellent method to disable/enable the display of local or networked drives when you click My Computer. The following steps explain you precisely how to hide/show your Drives in My Computer:

To Disable Drives In My Computer. 
  • Go to START>>RUN. 
  • Type Regedit. 
  • Now go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER. 
  • Click on. 
  • In the right pane of the Explorer now create a new DWORD item named as NODRIVES (It is case sensitives). 
  • Now modify its value and set it to 3FFFFFF (Hexadecimal). 
  • Now Restart your computer. 
  • Go to My Computer you will not find any drives. 
To Enable Drives In My Computer.
  • Follow above same process. 
  • Delete the DWORD item which you had created. 
  • Again Restart you computer. 
  • You can find your Drives again on my computer. 
Enjoy Tricks.

Conclusion :

The above information gives you to solve the problems when system Hangs frequently and increase the system speed and also how to show or hide my computer partition drivers. Read the article and enjoy the tricks, I Hope you like this article; please do share in the comment box.

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